Construction of RACDO Training Center & Welfare Complex

(Sustainability in Action)

Training of trainers is our primary feature of developmental activities. Trainings and skills of the organization personals enhance their capacity to perform their duties effectively. RACDO has created and staffed its own training center for female health workers and school teachers in Pakistan. The organization has provided supplies and funds for construction of 2 storey building containing 15 rooms and one training auditorium on the land covering an area of 506 square meters, donated by the local community members. This is located in 66 Dhandra, the central location of Faisalabad District villages where government health and educational facilities are not available in every village. More over the premise is being utilized to organize staff meetings, community meetings, workshops, and conferences. During times of need or natural calamities, the affected people are also given shelter in this building. The rooms are being used for vocational training classes, computer classes for boys and girls separately, health activities etc. We are also supporting summer schooling, after school hours and creativity workshops for primary and secondary school children in the area through this building to enhance the basic level of education. In this way, children have space for recreation, imagination and play. The activities are accompanied by a critical reflection process that focuses on gender, justice and on the preservation of peace and environment. The formation process based on the popular education philosophy, contributes to the children’s integral human growth.